Time Terminal and Biometric Clocking System

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Time Terminals

Since its founding, Kizone has been committed to delivering high-quality products of time terminal and biometric clocking system for your choice.

Terminals of various ID verification methods for Employee Work Time tracking or Doors Access Control System.

A biometric clocking system provides a great way to track employee time. Through the use of biometric scanning, employers are able to make sure employees are clocking in and out in a timely manner. Additionally, this system reduces the risk of fraudulent time card use. With a biometric clocking system, employers can best ensure that employees are accurately reporting their time. The biometric clocking system use a centralized time terminal for employees to clock in and out. With this system, employers eliminates the hassle of managing physical time cards. The system also provides employers with real-time updates on employee time, making it easier to calculate employee labor costs. As such, employers have greater ability to more accurately predict their labor cost and budget their resources accordingly. The biometric clocking system is also an easy-to-use alternative to other time tracking systems. With the system, employees need only to register once on the time terminal to begin tracking their time accurately. As the biometric clocking system continues to advance, accuracy and cost savings are two main advantages that employers can benefit from.