Time and Attendance Software and Clock-In Clock-Out System

Kizone Infotech, Inc.


Since its founding, Kizone has been committed to delivering high-quality time and attendance software and clock-in clock-out system for your choice.

We provide general-purpose and customized software products to meet different customer needs on Employee Workforce Management, Payroll Calculation and Door Access Control.

Time and attendance software is widely used by organizations to keep track of employee hours. It is an efficient clock in clockout system which helps in improving overall organization productivity and ensure accurate records. Time and attendance software allows employees to clock in and out with ease. It eliminates manual data entry and helps in automated tracking which saves time and money. The clock-in clock-out system features attendance tracking, leave management, overtime tracking and scheduling capabilities. It also helps to manage employee data with clarity and accuracy. The time and attendance software provides up to date information and reports which helps managers to make better decisions by understanding employee attendance patterns. Clock-in clock-out system also helps with payroll processing and minimizes errors which can lead to costly compliance and audit issues. It is a cost effective way to manage time and attendance issues. With the help of the time and attendance software, organizations can easily track working hours accurately and get real-time updates. The clock-in clock-out system also helps in reducing absenteeism and ensuring that employees are being productive. Overall, the time and attendance software helps organizations to maintain accurate records, monitor employee hours and enhance overall productivity.