Biometric Clock and Biometric Time Clock System

Kizone Infotech, Inc.


Kizone insists on producing the biometric clock with quality control and do our best to satisfy customer's demand for biometric time clock system.
A biometric clock is a type of time clock system that uses physical characteristics for verification when individuals access and clock in/out. Biometrics are biological characteristics, such as fingerprints, that are unique to each individual, making them an ideal tool for user recognition and identity recognition. The biometric clock measures and verifies a person’s physical characteristics, such as a fingerprint, and the data is stored in a secure database. With a biometric time clock system, only the employee with the matching biometric data can clock in and out. This offers an extra layer of security, as it eliminates unauthorized and manual clock entry. Moreover, the clock system cannot be manipulated as it requires the user's biometric data to access it. For businesses, this technology is invaluable as it provides an easy and efficient way to monitor employee attendance, reduce time spent tracking attendance, and minimize payroll fraud. The biometric clock system also helps to boost organization-wide accuracy and productivity. With a biometric time clock system, companies can rest easy knowing that their employees are clocking in and out accurately.