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Kizone Infotech, Inc.

About Us

Kizone Infotech, Inc., formerly Kizone Information Inc., has a R&D background sourced back to year 1990 when its founders started designing laptop computers in Taiwan.

Basing on abundant experiences in computer hardware and firmware design, the company switched to the field of Consumer Electronics(CE) and became a supplier of Home Entertainment products such as MP3 and MP4 players.

It was not until year 2005 that it stepped into Auto ID industry when one of the company’s founders came up with an idea of building an innovative, easy-to-use and compact-in-size new-generation time clock and look forward to replacing punch card time clocks which have existed in our life for nearly 100 years with it. 

This innovative time clock, utilizing certain contemporary technologies including RFID, Flash Memory and USB data transmission, was launched to the market in early year 2006 and successfully captured eyes of big names in the industry.

Since then Kizone has never stopped providing fast and reliable routs in products design and production to brand names of Auto ID, Access Control and Employee Work Time Management products.