About Kizone


Kizone Information Inc. started in year 2003 as a R&D lab who specialized in designing and developing custom hardware & software used for controlling Door Access & managing Employee Work Time. Comparing to its competitors in the market, Kizone appears to be relatively newer in product concept and design and more innovative in applying modern IT technologies in this conservative industry. It announced the first portable iPod-sized RF badge time clock in the market which uses a SD memory card or an USB cable for data communication with a personal computer. For fulfilling large enterprises' growing need for a more efficient system for managing and maintaining employee attendance and door access control at their branch business units located in different sites, Kizone has been devoting time and efforts in developing a series of web-based hardware terminals and central management application software since year 2009, and this energy of innovation will never stop. We provide a complete one-stop service, from product conception, design and development, to the final sales and technical support. Contact us to join our product distribution network or ask for building OEM models that totally belong to you.    



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