IDF300/IDF300-T  Face recognition time clock; face recognition access control; face recognition time terminal.
Face Recognition Time Clock / Access Controller
Proximity / WiFi / 7-inch Touch Screen

1. Dynamic face detection and tracking 1:N recognition algorithm.

2. Reading distance: 1.5 meter(50 cm when temperature detection is enabled); verification speed: in 0.3 sec..

3. 100,000 face templates + 1,000,000 logs.

4. True acceptance rate >99%.
Wearing masks or making gremaces does not affect recognition correctness.

5. Working temperature: -20 ~ 50°C(-4 ~ 122°F).

6. Provides Mask Detection feature which, once switched on, stops recognition and requests users to put on face masks first.

7. Body temperature measuring function available as an option(IDF300-T). System alerts when measured temperature exceeds the top limit that you set to IDF300-T.

8. Dual-camera design effectively prevents buddy punching.

9. Open platform(Linux 3.1) for custom terminal(device) application   development.

10. 7-inch touch screen(800*1280).

11. Provides Windows-based desktop application for managing multiple terminals on network.

12. Supports reading 125KHz or 13.56MHz(Mifare) cards.

13. Network connectivity: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet(RJ45) + WiFi 802.11b/g/n.

14. Comm port: TTL x 1; RS485 x 1; Wiegand Out x 1; Wiegand In x 1; Sensor input x  2; Relay output x 2.



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Työajanseuranta Työajan laskeminen Työtunnit Berechnung der Arbeitszeit Arbeitszeitaufzeichnung
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