Web-based self-calculating Time Recorder / Door Controller

Manage time & attendance on Web Browser!



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     KATES(Super Master) Central Management System on-line demo



• ARM 9 405MHz CPU; communication speed 100MB.

• Windows CE 6.0 operating system, built-in web server, FTP server &

  SQL server.

• 3.5-inch color touch-screen TFT LCD.

• Each terminal has a built-in web-based software. Other than that we provide

  a free central management software(ASP.NET + SQL Express) for larger-scaled


• Can use either a terminal or a PC as the server for synchronizing all the

  connected slave terminals.

• TCP/IP interfaced. LAN / WAN supported.

• Daylight Saving Time setting.

• Auto reconciliation of user & fingerprint accounts among multiple terminals

  in network.

• 128MB RAM + 1GB Micro SD.

• Optical fingerprint reader + 125KHz card reader (Mifare 13.56MHz for option).

• Can store 9,500 fingerprints(2 fingerprints each user), 30,000 cards and 250,000


• 50 programmable bell ring times (through web browser). Music ring file(.wav) is

  changeable via FTP.

  RF Card Reader   EM 125KHz or Mifare 13.56MHz
  Fingerprint Scanner   Optical; 1:N Authentication
  Input   2 Sensor(Push Button, Door Sensor)
  Output   2 Relays(Door Lock, Alarm or Door Bell)
  Display   3.5-inch back-lit LCD
  Key   4x4 back-lit rubber keypad
  Beep Tone   Speaker
  Events Memory   250,000 events
  Fingerprint Storage   9,500 fingerprints
  Card Storage   30,000 cards
  Comm. Interface   TCP/IP
  Slave Reader Interface   Wiegand 26-bit
  Card Reading Range   5~10 CM
  Power In   DC 8V ~ 12V
  Power Consumption   3W(max.)
  Operating Temperature   0 ~ 50°C / 32 ~ 122°F
  Operating Humidity   20 ~ 95%(non-condensing)
  Measurements   168 x 164.5 x 39 mm
  Weight   460 g